Flat die-cuts

slide1The main product of our company is the flat die-cut for cutting paper, cardboard, multilayer corrugated cardboard, film, self-adhesive labels and other thermoformed packages. They may be used for all kinds of cutting devices, such as roller punching machines, flat saddle stitchers as well as die-cutting automats equipped in cleaning separating stations. For details, see the following pages.




Die-cuts for puzzle

PICT0002For special clients, we manufacture die-cuts for board games and the world-famous puzzles. We make them in both two-passage and one-passage formats.








Die-cuts for thermoformed moldings

Cygnus noz 50mm 05Cutting thermoformed moldings requires the usage of different die-cuts. Depending on the depth of thermoforming, we produce die-cuts up to 200mm high. The most commonly used blade is a 50mm high line.







Flexo die-cuts

plexiWe produce flat die-cuts for cutting printed labels in the flexographic technology from roll to roll. The 12 or 8 mm blade is usually placed in plexi.